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Sunset Flor

Butterfly and Hydrangea Dreams Shadowbox

Butterfly and Hydrangea Dreams Shadowbox

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Keep a little piece of your butterfly dreams in this beautiful acrylic shadowbox. Preserved beige and blue hydrangeas float around like a captured cloud and right in the middle, is an absolutely gorgeously preserved real rhetenor blue morpho butterfly (which is typically found in parts of South America). The acrylic shadowbox was specifically chosen to show off the beautiful dual sets of colors the rhetenor blue morpho possesses. A vibrant and saturated blue can be seen on the dorsal view and a camouflaging but beautiful brown and white on can be seen on the ventral view. 

One-of-a-kind and created by Sunset Flor.

Acrylic shadowbox size: 9x12



Care Instructions

Keep out of direct sunlight and harsh elements.

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